Our Philosophy

Our track record for delivering sustainable results has been achieved by focusing on people within our client organizations and working closely, together with them to implement sound management principles in the context of their working environment.  In addition to sound business skills, we bring change management and project management skills to the proverbial table to enable client organizations to achieve sustainable superior performance.

Our change management expertise is used to design participative processes which ensure that new, agreed work methods are owned by employees and become part of organizational culture.  Our change management approach ensures that the process is managed in the context of improving organizational performance as well as that of individuals, by implementing appropriate systems training and review processes to ensure that results are achieved.

Obviously, performance improvement can take many different forms and must be viewed in terms of organizational goals and business objectives.  In order to evaluate cost effective opportunities for improvement within our client organizations, CPIS would typically undertake to complete a rapid (three-to-four weeks) yet in-depth analysis of the client organization in order to:

  • Identify areas of opportunity or potential benefit
  • Quantify these benefits where possible
  • Understand the barriers that prevent the achievement of the identified benefits
  • Formulate an approach to achieving results
  • Establish time-frames and resources required to allow for the said potential achievement
  • Determine the cost of implementing such a Key Events Schedule aimed at the achievement
  • Implement the Key Events Schedule with the client organization's staff

Our analysis usually results in a formal proposal to our client, which should enable the client to take a business decision on its merits whether or not to proceed with implementation.

Our philosophy of achieving performance improvement by enabling people to implement sound management principles in their environment is usually discussed in detail with the clients' Executives, and our conceptually simple business model for this is laid bare during these discussions.