Our Fees and Billing

Engaging CPIS is an investment the client makes in order to secure sustainable, improved financial and operational performance throughout the organization.  Each CPIS intervention is unique to the client organization's needs and will obviously have some influence on the return on investment the client may expect or anticipate, as well as on the cost associated with the intervention.

A typical rate of return is usually an average of 2:1.

Client billings are usually weekly, and are evenly spread across the duration of the implementation project. Monthly billings are also possible subject to a small deposit being paid upfront. We are often requested to perform projects on a retainer basis, also subject to a deposit being paid upfront. The aforementioned can be negotiated.

Our terms of engagement are normally kept to a minimum, setting out estimated benefits, fees, duration of the implementation assignment, a reciprocal personnel "non-approach agreement" and early termination terms which are usually one month's notice from either party.