Dion's Curriculum Vitae

dion knoesenDion Knoesen has often been described as being "one of the most exiting people to work with", while other complimentary descriptive words like "gifted" and "highly intelligent", "very capable", "very focused", "results driven", "visionary leader", and many more, have also been bestowed on him.

The man who founded our company has achieved and enjoyed many successes and he has not allowed success to influence his commitment toward sharing his knowledge and experience with the members of his team.

He operates from the view-point that building and developing local client companies will ensure a stronger and healthier local economy.

He is a shining example of someone who "takes nothing and turns it into gold".

Dion has an innate ability to take any struggling company and turn it into a winning entity.

Professional Career Experience

Dion has operated as a management consultant since1994, specialising in the implementation of business theories and turning these into measurable business realities all of which are aimed at resulting in the overall operational and financial performance improvement of organizations, irrespective of their nature of business.

His methodology has always been encapsulated in a simple business model guaranteed to allow for the successful transfer of required business skills - that is:

Working alongside client personnel at all levels, at their work stations, in real time, in their current or prevailing environment, leading them and developing them by jointly implementing business disciplines together with sound and effective management practices that will result in sustainable operational and financial performance.

Dion has been very successful in both small (SMME) and large corporate (SME) client company projects where for example, client annual turnover ranged between as little as ZAR1 million up to over ZAR1billion with staff compliments from below 20 employees up to 3500 staff members.

He has also actively participated in a number of generic business rescue services projects.

Consulting and implementation projects successfully completed by Dion include the following areas or disciplines

  • Strategic development disciplines through to,
  • Operational implementation issues and included,
  • Organizational restructuring,
  • Implementation of systems,
  • Writing and creating business plans for various purposes including (for SME's and SMME's)
  • Sourcing Venture Capital and negotiating related issues for clients,
  • Implementation of Sales and Marketing plans,
  • Sales and marketing skills development including implementing related systems and controls,
  • Implementation of practices, procedures and processes that would allow for continuous improvement,
  • Cost center management and control aimed at continuous improvement thereof,
  • Bottom line improvement and sustainability thereof,
  • Launching of new divisions,
  • Diversification in products and services,
  • Merchandising,
  • Re-focusing of company market position,
  • Developing existing markets,
  • Entering new markets,
  • Alignment of all business disciplines with corporate vision and mission, etcetera.

Dion is blessed with the ability to enable clients to achieve success in for example the aforementioned areas or disciplines and he has thoroughly enjoyed as he still does, taking business theories and "giving life" to it at the proverbial coal-face.

Although the majority of his clients are in Southern Africa (the current SADEC region), he successfully completed various projects for companies based in Europe, Canada, United States of America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and certain northern parts of the African continent.

Dion is not a report writer.

Dion is an implementation specialist, focused on providing quantifiable and sustainable results.

He successfully completed various projects in the following industries

  • Hygiene services,
  • Contract cleaning services,
  • Industrial and Commercial laundry services,
  • Protective clothing rental services,
  • Protective clothing manufacturing,
  • Bed and table linen rental services,
  • Bed and table linen manufacturing,
  • Bathroom linen rental services,
  • Bathroom linen manufacturing,
  • Property/Estates sales and marketing,
  • Airfreight,
  • Road-freight,
  • Logistics,
  • Warehousing and Distribution,
  • Retail,
  • Services,
  • Hotels and leisure,
  • Hospitals,
  • Light Manufacturing,
  • Light Engineering,
  • Financial Services (Funeral Insurance),
  • Funeral Services,
  • Funerary goods and equipment manufacturing and distribution,
  • Education and Training,
  • Health,
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Tobacco cigarette manufacturing and distribution,
  • Wine marketing and distribution,
  • Imports and Exports,
  • Local and Provincial Government,
  • Public Sector and Private Sector Partnerships,
  • Agriculture,
  • Marking equipment sales and marketing, and
  • Entertainment.

During the period June 1996 to May 1999, he worked very closely with two international management consulting companies and played a major role in the improvement of their ability to market their services throughout the world. During this time he negotiated and concluded a number of lucrative projects for them. He often refers to this period as a time when he considered himself very privileged to have participated in some of their corporate performance improvement implementation projects locally and abroad.

Dion is driven by the philosophy that any organizational performance improvement can only occur effectively when the focus is on people, and every performance improvement implementation project he completed in this regard, was constructed in such a way to ensure involvement from all levels within the organization.

Dion has wide-ranging experience in .....

Business analysis, Project management, Productivity improvement, Implementation of Strategic and Operational Business plans, Organizational development, Efficiency and effectiveness performance improvement, Sales force productivity, Customer service, Sales and Marketing management, General Management, Alignment to vision and mission, among others.

He is highly capable in areas requiring .....

Team building, planning and execution, pro-activity, initiative, performance enhancement, focus, direction, priorities, implementation, co-ordination, identification of opportunities, motivation, goal achievement, business principles, faster decision making processes, amongst others.

Dion's other career experience .....

He held various senior and executive management positions in his professional career and served on a number of company Boards. For the duration of various projects, he often held the position of either Joint Group Managing Director, or Managing Director of a Division, or Executive Director of a subsidiary, and so-on.

Other important information .....

Dion is of sober habits, honest, reliable, trustworthy, hardworking, loyal and easy to get along with.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, he does not suffer fools.

Whilst he is highly focused and results orientated he has tremendous patience when it comes to sharing his vast experience and transferring his business skills to others.

He sets high standards for himself, and has the ability to influence others to do the same.

This is what makes it so much fun to work with him; this is what allows him to get under the skin of client personnel and especially so, when they (usually and quickly) become aware of and secure in the knowledge that he is available to provide support and strength when really needed.

He is generally committed towards achieving personal and collective goals and objectives set, and does not usually fail in the achievement thereof.

He served in the National Defense Force as a SA Navy National Serviceman from 1974 to 1976 and remained as an active volunteer for a subsequent period of some twenty years. He achieved the rank of Naval Warrant Officer Master-At-Arms and qualified in various specialist military disciplines.

He is currently studying theology on a part-time basis.